A home away from home to romp, sniff, and snooze.

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Welcome to PLAY Doggie Daycare

Our dogs fill our lives with entertainment, affection, companionship and unconditional love, and while, as owners we can provide all of this in return, we can’t do it 24/7. We have jobs, commitments, errands and travel to take us away from our duties as best friend to our best friend.

The environment we provide at PLAY Doggie Daycare is a home-away-from-home. We have space to run and wrestle in; structures to jump and clamber on; soft, cozy corners to sneak into, and comfy, loving laps to cuddle on. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your family… so when you’re unable to play with your dog, PLAY can; when there’s just not enough time to exercise your dog, PLAY can, and when you’re unable to stay with your dog, PLAY can. We are very proud of our little family and look forward to being part of yours.

Every dog deserves good health, good friends and PLAY!

We are primarily an outdoor facility located in the heart of the central district of Seattle and welcome dogs of all sizes. There is an indoor barn, and a ‘cozy room’ for getting out of the winter elements, and shelters in the yard to protect from rain and sunshine. With approx. 3000sqft of room to romp, snooze or play our Rufferees engage the dogs in fetch or cuddles depending on your pups mood. In the summer months we bring out the wading pools, and Anthony has been known to serenade the dogs on his guitar on hot, lazy summer afternoons.

I couldn’t recommend them more highly, even at the risk of PLAY becoming the hottest doggie ticket in town.

– Julianne A. (Yelp)

Looking for PLAY on the Hill?

PLAY on the Hill has been sold to a former PLAY employee (Tulaya!) and is now called Little Dog Garden. More information about Little Dog Garden can be found here.